Here’s where I’m at

After flirting with Cyclocross racing, my training year started end of November 2011.  The tyres on the cx bike were replaced with slicks and the bike used for training rides and on the turbo trainer.

The plan for the year was to take part in more events than I had previously, I’m a very pessimistic person and always find excuses not take on an event.  These usually resolve around not feeling I’ve done enough training.  I now appreciate that I can’t be ‘race’ fit all year and that taking part in an event when not at peak fitness is ok.

The first 2 blocks of training went well with only a few missed sessions.  However, approaching the end of the Base 1 phase, the start of the rest week, I picked up a bug which meant no exercise for 10 days.  I took some comfort from the fact that a week of this downtime was a recovery week and it also coincided with what has been the coldest week of the year.

I was therefore able to start the Base 2 phase almost on schedule, just making the sessions slightly easier until I was completely recovered.

I was planning to make the Beds Road club reliability ride my first event of the year, but this slight set back has made me reevaluate the plan, mainly as the distance of my long ride is not what I was hoping due to the illness and no long ride for 3 weeks.

Perhaps I’m not rid of the pessimism just yet, although they do say consistency is important!


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