Broken Records

With a trip to the Olympic Velodrome to watch the Track Cycling World Cup planned for the end of the week, I was looking forward to my first cycling event of the year 🙂

Before then was the small matter of an xc run, 2 turbo sessions and some weights.  I was hoping for another run and weights session but for one reason or another they never materialised.

My trip (with 8-year-old daughter in tow) to the track cycling was my 1st to a velodrome and what a fantastic experience it proved to be, world and british records were set, although the evening session that I didn’t attend proved to be even more dramatic.  Hats off to the competitors reaching average speeds of 40mph+ in the 28 deg temperature.  What surprised me most was the amount of time the riders spend warming up before and after their racing.  Chris Hoy seemed to spend the best part of 90 mins before his race on the rollers.  Just goes to prove the importance of a good warm up and its something that I and probably a lot of other everyday riders pay little attention to.

With the obligatory trip to Hamley’s afterwards, the 12 hour trip was more tiring than expected, travelling on a tube in rush hour is a workout in itself.

Saturday has so far been spent doing family stuff and planning tomorrow’s road ride, hoping for near 5 hours of ride time. The cycling fix came courtesy of watching youth training in a rain soaked session.

Inspired by I’ll be adding details of my bikes past and present to my blog some time in the near future.

Also been looking at upcoming local events to enter, although not comitted to anything yet.   I guess I’m already starting to sound like a broken record.


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One Response to Broken Records

  1. Sally says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog.

    Lucky you going to the velodrome; we’ve been watching it tonight. Must be great to watch it live.

    Hope tomorrow’s ride goes well 🙂

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