Breaking it Up

Sunday’s ride was my longest since September 2011, 18th to be precise (I keep meticulous records!).  As my riding buddy was otherwise engaged I was facing 5 hours of lone riding until the opportunity to hook up with another friend for the first hour or so arose.  I find that breaking up the ride in this way helps psychologically.  And so today when leaving the house at 7.45am, instead of thinking of the 5hrs that lay ahead I was approaching it as a 75min ‘1st leg’ with a friend and another 3hrs 45mins to finish.  In addition the first out and back part of the ride allowed me to call in at parents house to refill a bottle (aren’t mums great).

A brief stop in the Northants Countryside

I’ll be looking to make similar arrangements for future road rides and in a few weeks time will start to ride the 10-15 miles to meet up with for their Sunday club run, which will provide a good workout and distance once the more intense part of my training kicks in.

On the subject of filling bottles, over the past few winters I’ve been using Winter Training Formula which comes in various flavours and eliminates the need for solid food – it really does work.  This means not having to faff with energy bars of cafe stops when its cold and conditions are foul.  They usually have this on offer during the Autumn and £30 ish easily gets me through the winter months.

The highlight of the ride was seeing the Corley Cycles Race team ( out on a training ride – with team car in tow!

The Coming Week

This week will be much the same as the last, a few turbo sessions, some running and weights.  I’ll replace the trip to the Velodrome with an mtb ride!  I’m expecting a tiring week as it’s the last of the Base 2 period and can look forward to a recovery week afterwards.

There’s also a local reliability ride happening on Sunday……………


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