Mud, Sweat and No Gears

Well actually as picture shows there wasn’t much mud around on the trails this morning, the hose pipe ban is no doubt imminent.  I was expecting a mud fest and was pleasantly surprised by how fast and dry the trails were for the time of year.  As I wanted to be fresh for Sunday’s ride I mixed the tougher trails of Woburn woods with the easier bridleways that MK has to offer.

Have finally decided to take plunge and enter a Reliability Ride that Luton CC are hosting tomorrow.  Planning to ride the 17 miles to the start, ride the event and then ride most or all of the way back home.  Total distance would be a big leap (17-18 miles) from my longest ride this year so a lift is on standby!  Hoping to hook up with a few of the riders but they may well have started by the time I get to the event.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the difference between a reliability ride and a sportive.  I’d imagine they are quite similar; not a race but everyone races round as fast as possible.  One things for sure, RR’s are cheaper, this one being only £5 to enter.  Hopefully I’ll be in a fit state to report back tomorrow, until then I’m off to prepare bike and drinks.


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Cyclist, dog owner and father.
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