Putting my Wheels Up

I seem to have taken this rest week too literally, having only played squash since Sunday’s Reliability Ride (Luton CC Reliability Ride Blog).  I have planned to do 8 hrs across the week, made up of running, cycling, a weights session plus the game of squash.  With my ‘long’ ride being reduced to just over 2 hrs this week I’ll probably end up with around 7 hrs.  My family are extremely supportive of my hobby and allow me the time to ride, I’ll therefore be using the rest week to repay their generosity by doing more activities than time usually allows.

The key session this week will be a ‘test’ workout that I’m trying to complete every 4 weeks.  I was ill 4 weeks ago and therefore missed this workout as it wouldn’t have achieved anything.  The session involves riding in a set HR zone (Zone 3, 146-154 bpm) for 30 mins on a turbo trainer and measuring how ‘far’ I get.  I do these on the turbo to try and reduce any variables, e.g. weather factors and keep my cadence at 90rpm.  The theory being that as I get fitter I’ll be able to use a higher gear using these given parameters and ride ‘further’.  I use a Garmin 500 with the cadence feature which provides the facility to measure distance.  I’m hoping the results will be a good motivational tool and allow me to see the improvements achieved over the previous 4 weeks.  In future years it should also allow me to compare where I’m currently at compared to past years.

The Month Ahead

The rest week has given me the opportunity to complete the next part of my training plan, the final 4 week block of base training, Base 3.  I’ve so far allocated the hours and workout type for the period, but not the actual workout for each session; I’ll do this at the beginning of each week.  I find this helps with flexibility as inevitably work and life interfere with cycling and being able to adapt accordingly is key to sticking to a plan.

In terms of events, there are a few early season Crits at MK Bowl that I had half an eye on.  However, I’m hoping to replace my summer bike in the next few weeks which provides a suitable excuse to myself not to enter.  The training plan I have created will mean I will peak around June/July and therefore I wont be ‘race’ fit in any event I take place in during March, I guess many riders will be in a similar position at the moment.  I’m under no illusion that I’ll be in a position to place well in a race (even in June/July), but the thought of being dropped within a few laps fills me with fear.  Old habits die hard and I probably just need to get on with it and enter.  At the very least I will go along to the first event as a spectator……………..and no doubt wish I was on the other side of the fence.


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