Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

As I mentioned in my last post (Putting my Wheels Up), the main session last week was a fitness test.  The results weren’t what I was expecting and were slightly down on what I had done 8 weeks previously.  I’m hoping the fact I was tired (through lack of sleep the night before) and wasn’t really committed to the session (I was trying to think up reasons not to do it in the hours beforehand) contributed to the disappointing result.  My recent riding suggests that I am much fitter than 8 weeks ago; I certainly wouldn’t have been able to undertake a 91 mile ride 2 months ago.  If time allows I may repeat the test some time this week.

The timing of the recovery week worked out really well; with the appalling weather on Sunday I was pleased not to be riding.  A few friends did ride and the rain/snow & cold conditions certainly made for some interesting tales.  I read this blog: (Chewbikker Blog) from someone taking part in a Sportive which probably echoes a lot of riders experiences across the country.

Speaking of Sportives, I’m planning to enter the following events this year:

  • MK Sportive – 100 miles – Monday 9th April
  • Chiltern Hundred – 107 miles – Sunday 27th May
  • Ride to the Horns – 97 miles – Sunday 1st July

I’ve done the latter 2 before so will be good to compare times with previous attempts.

Ideally I’d like to enter road races this year, probably midweek crits as there are plenty in my local area.  However, self doubt is holding me back and whilst I know I should simply enter and be done with it, that’s easier said than done.  I’m convincing myself that the best thing to do is go along and have a look at the first one (Sat 17th March).  However, probably starting from the beginning is the best option as I guess most people won’t be at their fittest so early in the year.

The Week Ahead

A trip to Crufts this weekend means no riding Saturday so I’m hoping to fit quite a lot in during the week.  In order to do so I’ll need to fit in sessions most mornings and be finished by 7.15am.  I do love the feeling after finishing an early morning session, knowing that you’ve already trained before most people are out of bed – most definitely feel like breakfast has been earned on those days.

Sunday will be another long ride of 5.5hrs plus, building up to the first sportive of the year, which or course I’m yet to enter………………………..


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