Getting Shorty

The past few weeks haven’t been the best due to the behaviour of my boiler, this is the 2nd week in succession it has decided to break down and as I type I am waiting for an engineer.  WIll be here before 6pm and no doubt will arrive at 5.59pm!!!!

On the plus side, having the day off work provided the opportunity to get a quick 1 hour ride in.  And on what must have been one of the warmest days of the year so far I ventured out in shorts for the 1st time.  It did make it feel like summer is on its way (which is a good thing if you have no heating!).

Having the boiler issues has affected my training, on the 1 night we had no heating I didn’t sleep much and therefore an early morning ride the following day was a non-starter.  Likewise last night after the boiler broke again and it was playing on my mind when in bed.

Other than a few missed sessions training has been going to plan, another 90+ mile ride last Sunday is hopefully to be followed this weekend with something closer to 100.  The aim of the long rides is to prepare myself for the summer sportives that I plan to enter, however my hesitation in entering resulted in one of my planned events being full when I went to enter earlier in the week.  I’m on the waiting list and might be able to take someones place nearer the day as there are 1400 entrants so will probably be plenty of no shows.

The last few evenings have been spend building up a new Scott Addict road bike; just need to replace the outer cables, fit the seatpost and bar tape.  Unfortunately the despatch and delivery service that online shops provide varies from next day to next week so waiting for parts to arrive.  Top marks go to and who delivered brakes and cables respectively within 24hrs of ordering – not forgetting Royal Mail of course 🙂

Next time I post I hope to be excited about finishing the bike build and be able to report on my daughter’s first road race of the year (Round 1 of Team MK Early Season Bowl Series and the adult race beforehand that I’m……………………………..watching!

Must dash, the engineer has arrived to hopefully solve my boiler problems and stop me from getting shorty through lack of heat/hot water.


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