Crash, Bang, Wallop

I would hope now to be able to write about another good weekend of riding.  Unfortunately my riding has come to a temporary halt due to a crash on Saturday morning.  I’d been mtbing up my local woods for just over an hour and was making my way to the MK Bowl to watch a local crit.  Going through some football fields (where the MK Dons happen to train) I entered a narrow wooden bridge and the wet conditions caused me to immediately hit the deck, landing on the side rail of the bridge.  As always there was an audience to the incident and a helpful chap came across to help untangle my legs from the bike.  I was quickly back up again and riding, brushing it off as a comedy fall to my onlookers.  However, once out of sight I slowed down to take stock.  My knee had taken a whack but was more concerned about the pain in my left ribs.  I carried on gingerly to the bowl hoping to ride it off.

By the time I’d ridden the 3 ish miles my left leg was covered in blood from the knee down.  Using the water from my camelbak I was able to clean it up and the cut didn’t look too bad.  I watched the last 10 or so minutes of the 4th cat race during which Craig (@Craig_LBRCC) from secured 2nd place, his 2nd in as many weeks.

Craig from LBRCC taking 2nd place

After capturing a few images I made the 5 mile mile journey home.  It was apparent at this point that my ribs were not good.

Once home and cleaned up it was back to the MK Bowl, this time for the youth races, my daughter was taking part in the U10’s.  Getting the bike on the roof of the car was a painful experience and my knee wouldn’t stop bleeding – mainly due to me continuing to move and disturb and forming scab!

My daughter won the U10 girls race which brought some joy to what had otherwise been a miserable day.

Molli on her way to U10 win at Team MK Youth Races

I spent the rest of the weekend resting up and generally feeling sorry for myself.

A trip to the doctors on Monday resulted in some pain killers being prescribed and the prognosis that “if you’re ok in 2 weeks the ribs are bruised, if longer they are probably fractured”!

The aim is to try out  the turbo trainer on Tuesday which will hopefully allow me to retain some fitness before I can get back on the bike properly.  As body movement on the turbo can be controlled I’m hoping this will be bearable, I suppose only time will tell……


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3 Responses to Crash, Bang, Wallop

  1. Sally says:

    Hope they are just bruised and you get back to normal quickly. Nice to read about your daughter’s win 🙂

  2. silentroadie says:

    Thanks Sally, fingers crossed and the tablets are already helping.

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