1st Sportive of the Year………………..Almost

I originally planned to enter the MK Sportive held today, but lack of riding due to damaged ribs (details here) meant I didn’t feel like I had 100 miles in me.

However, a friend was taking part and it would be his first sportive so earlier in the week I agreed to ride the first 60-70 miles with him and another friend also taking part.

As Sunday approached the weather was not looking great and on waking on Monday morning it was clear from the bedroom window that the forecasters had got it right – persistent rain.  I was pleased I’d made the commitment to friends to ride or else my bike would be going nowhere in these conditions. Another friend from LBRCC had decided to ride much of the route too.

I left home at 8.30 to make the 7 mile ride to the HQ, once close by I realised I didn’t know where the pavillion was!  A few exploratory turns and the view of bright green and orange waterproof jackets came into view.  Arriving just in time for the start the 4 of us set off amongst a large group.  The initial pace was a bit quicker than I was hoping for, as usually happens at the start of most sportives, although I knew this would change as soon as we reached the first climb.

Easing up on the climb, the group reduced somewhat as expected and our group of 4 also lost a member.  We continued onwards into Woburn and through the deer park.  Unfortunately the rain also continued and as we turned West felt the full force of the wind too.  We passed through the first feed stop by which time we were joined by a few more riders – I’m not sure exactly how many as I spent most of the time on the front of the group.

The next major climb up into Liddlington again split the group but this time due to a puncture.  By this time I was completely wet through and morale was beginning to waiver.  Heading towards Woburn once again and with over 50 miles on the clock, the opportunity to head home proved to great and I left my companions to carry on on their own (they had officially entered, I hadn’t).

Once home I had a distance of just over 58 miles.  My legs were feeling it, probably due to the amount of time on the front of the group and riding a ‘heavy’ winter bike.  Peeling the wet layers off was a job in itself and once fed the bike was taken care off with a good clean.

Looking back I was pleased to have got out in the conditions.  Evans are in town next week with their ride-it event so may try to make it 2 in 2……………………or 1.5 in 2 to be precise.


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