Doesn’t time fly…………………..

Just noticed that it’s approaching 2 months since I posted on here.

Since then I’ve completed the Evans MK sportive – unofficially as it sold out a few days before the event and ………………………………that’s about it.

Whilst still recuperating from my damaged ribs I had a mouth ulcer at the back of my throat for around 2 weeks.  I’ve had ulcers before but on the sides of my mouth and it’s then fairly easy to avoid the pain by eating on the opposite side.  However, with one by my throat it was impossible to avoid – eating, drinking and just swallowing was painful.  Whilst this obviously didn’t physically prevent me from riding I felt pretty miserable so for a 2 week period I rode twice, a total of 24 miles!

I then took a step back and have spent the last month building back up and am once again happy with my riding.  Got back on the mtb for the 1st time in 8 weeks last weekend, forgot how much  of an upper body workout you get!!  Also been doing a bit of running – am up to 7 miles and don’t plan to increase it by much, although I’ll be away for a week without a bike so will go running a few times to get the exercise fix.

I have also marshalled a few times at the LVRC crit road races which has helped bring back enthusiasm for riding.

The plan for the next few months is to build up fitness ready for the cx season, the 1st race is 30th September.  During this time I may have a go at a TT and a crit race in August in preparation for the CX.

Until then………………….


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Cyclist, dog owner and father.
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