Wind, Rain and a (little) bit of Sun

Since returning from Holiday in June training has gone well, although as most people have experienced of late most rides seem to be greeted with rain or/and wind.  Thankfully and most unusually this hasn’t put me off and actually thinking back to the past few weeks I haven’t got too wet.  The few occasions I’ve gone out in the rain, the temperature has meant I’ve left the waterproof where it belongs at this time of year.

Damp and windy morning in Winterton

I’ve also continued with a bit of running, not going further than 6-7 miles but have increased the intensity in line with what I’ve been doing on the bike.  Not entirely sure where the running will lead to yet but it breaks up the cycling.
Had my 1st ride of the year with LBRCC on 1st July which made for a fastish 55 miles, with a more leisurely 10-15 miles either side to meet up/ride home.  Plan to join them most weeks where possible.
No new purchases to speak of, other than the boring stuff (energy bars/drink, lube).  Although have won a couple of prizes so far in the Phil Corley Cycles daily TDF competition – a rotor chain catcher which will be fitted on a rainy day (so prob tomorrow) and a Cateye Micro Wireless computer that my daughter (Molli) will use.
Molli is also starting to look slightly big on her road bike so will need to look at replacing soon – she probably deserves as is beating me 15-0 in races so far this year!
I’m off now to see if any of the future Phil Corley competition prizes happens to be a junior road bike.

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Cyclist, dog owner and father.
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