Heart Rate and Illness

Training has been going well for the past month and I have noticed the improvement in fitness.

Last Tuesday I was out riding some hill reps with the aim of building my heart rate up to over 90% max as I hit the end of the 2 minute effort (this was done on the lower part of the 3 Locks climb for anyone than knows MK/Leighton).  For me this was 166bpm but as hard as I tried, by the end of the 6 reps I hadn’t got any higher than 162bpm.  I’d done the same workout (albeit only 5 reps) the week before and had no problem going over 166bpm.  I put it down to not having recovered enough from Sunday’s ride which was hard and very hot.

The following Thursday I had planned an anaerobic endurance session which again would see me trying to build to 166bpm, this time over a 4 minute period and on the flat.  There would be 4 minute recoveries and this would be done 5 times.  Once again I couldn’t raise my HR high enough and after 3 reps called it a day.  I felt perfectly fine within myself and wondered if I’d over trained, although I’d built up gradually so was sure this wasn’t the cause.

I decided not to do any exercise on Friday and on Saturday did a weights session in the morning and an easy xc run in the evening (Thunder and heavy rain but that’s another story!).

On awaking Sunday I didn’t feel 100% but as I’d agreed to meet friends for a group ride decided to ride nonetheless.  The ride was steady with a few efforts and a fast last 10 miles after my 1st cafe stop in 2 years!  I felt perfectly fine and had noticed on a couple of occasions that my HR had been high when racing for signs/hills.

Come Monday though I felt pretty rough, sore throat and aching muscles.  By Tuesday I was feeling much worse and left work at lunchtime.

Sitting here on Tuesday evening it would appear that the signs were there a week ago.  I’ve read various articles about how heart rate can be used to indicate illness but never really given it much thought……………until now.

Of course, I’ll never know if taking it easy after last Tuesday’s session would have meant I avoided being ill and I’ll therefore wait with anticipation for the time I’m unable to raise my heart rate to test it out!


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