In Bits

Decided that the CX bike deserved a bit of an overhaul before the racing started on 30th September as use it throughout the year with slicks as a general training bike.


  • BB
  • Chain & Cassette
  • Wheel bearings
  • brakes
  • Brake & gear cables
  • bar tape
  • Chain catcher (actually won this in Corley Cycles competition during TDF)

As ever it was left until the last minute and the plan was to fit all bits on the Monday afternoon of the week of the race.  However, all didn’t go to plan I wasted a good few hours on the BB as the driveside would not budge.

It actually got worse than this before it came out!

It eventually took until Wednesday until it was all fitted and followed wrapping, unwrapping and re-wrapping the bar tape more times than I care to remember.

That just left a few days to use the bike on the turbo trainer to check gears was spot on and 1 ride outside to ensure eveything else was fine and wasn’t about to fall in to 100 bits at the first race………………..we’ll wait and see.


About silentroadie

Cyclist, dog owner and father.
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