Central CX Round 5

Since writing about the first few rounds of the Central League CX I’ve had a good training week followed by 2 not so good weeks.  The week following round 5 at Brackley I put in some good turbo sessions and a longish weekend ride. I was confident that these sessions together with a couple of 40+ minute runs would move me in the right direction.

Unfortunately this was then followed by what can only be described as a lazy 2 weeks.  I did more in the aforementioned week than I did in these 2 weeks.  I seem to recall that I also lost my motivation at a similar time last year.  Undeterred I continued with plans for the next CX round in Luton on 18th November.

The day of the race was a cold but lovely sunny day and the course was relatively muddy following the recent rain.  From the start I got away well, initially making up several places.  The course then narrowed as the 1st bend approached and being on the outside I found my self squeezed out and being passed by more people than I’d overtaken.  The field then settled down but by the end of the 1st lap I realised the lazy 2 weeks would result in a tough afternoon.  A couple of riders whom I would normally be in front of were in front and as hard as I try I could not chase them down.  The results would eventually show that I’d finished 61st out of just over 100 starters.

With 4 rounds of the series remaining I’ve decided not to bother entering any further races, although will still take my daughter to race at the 2 that are relatively local.  I’m now planning to spend the next few weeks chilling out and exercising for fun – before it all starts again.


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