Here we go Again


The new training year began on 10th December for me, a date derived from when I would like to be at my fittest next year which happens to be beginning of July for a planned trip to ride in the French Alps. So far I’ve been doing 8-10 hrs a week of low intensity training, of which around half has been cross training (weights and running). Duration will begin to increase next week as I enter the first of 3 Base training periods. I’m hoping to stick to a plan this year and so far so good – I did miss 3 days over xmas due to illness which reduced the amount of training that week to 6 hrs but these things can’t be helped.

So far the weather has been mild and therefore the ‘long’ rides have been ok, the biggest challenge will be when the ice/snow makes an appearance and how I replicate a 4 hour road ride. I also plan to take my daughter to a few more road races which generally means travelling 50+ miles and takes up half a day and I therefore need to ensure this doesn’t affect my plan.

Recent we road ride

Recent we road ride

The Year Ahead

As previously mentioned my main ‘event’ for 2013 will be a 5 day trip to ride in the Alps with friends, taking in some of the climbs used over the years in the TDF. Whilst the tour won’t be anywhere near us whilst we are in France I’m sure we’ll experience some of the atmosphere by watching the race in a French bar.

I’m also hoping to take part in at least 1 event a month, although I can’t find a suitable event in January and therefore January’s event will probably be a cross country run on 3rd February.

After that I’ll be doing the Luton CC Reliability ride on Sunday 24 February. As last year I’ll aim to ride to and from the event but unlike last year I’ll eat more so that I don’t hit the wall 5 miles from home! When I first started a blog a friend said that the best benefit was being able to look back at what you’d written and recall the experience, something I’ve done by reading what I wrote about last years event They were right, had I not written about it I would never have recalled the experience.

In the coming weeks I’ll plan other events for at least the first half of the year.


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