Back on Track

What a difference a week makes. Two weeks ago I barely managed 1.5 hrs of exercise whereas last week I fell just slightly short of a planned 12hrs. As well as an improvement in my back, the change in weather also helped somewhat. Whilst my back has not completely healed I have managed to get on the bike and go for a run without any discomfort.

Last week comprised of 2 runs (4 and 4.7 miles), 5 turbo sessions varying between 40 & 70 mins and 2 longer rides over the weekend (47 and 38 miles). It was the longer rides I was most satisfied with as if anything was going to set me back it was going to be these rides. I made a point of stopping regularly and getting off the bike for a few moments as not remaining in the same position for any length of time has definitely helped over the past few weeks.

I’d still like to be able to ride the Luton CC Reliability event on February 24 but it means a round trip of just over 90 miles and this may be a jump to far from where I’m currently at. The plan is to make this weekend’s long ride at least 60 miles and take it from there. That and my continued close relationship with a turbo trainer should see me (hopefully) fit in around 14 hrs this week.

I’ve also started to think about the trip to the Alps in July and what changes I’ll need to make to my bike. It’ll come as no surprise that I’ve decided to fit a compact chainset and bigger cassette – I currently have a standard chainset and 12-25 cassette on my summer bike. As a result I’ve purchased an 11-28 cassette and new chain this week and will remain on the lookout for any offers on chainsets in the coming months. In the meantime I’ll work on the other vital ingredient for the trip – my fitness.


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