This is where you’d expect to find loads of interesting facts about me, well there aren’t really any!

The only thing you really need to know are I love cycling and have a daughter who I’m trying to encourage to love cycling too (which she currently does and was the 2011 Central CX League girls series winner).

Why silentroadie?  Well I went with the first random title that came to me and it actually is quite appropriate.  I started as an mtber and even though only around 20% of my riding is now off-road I still class myself as one.  I’m one of the most unsociable people you’re likely to meet/read about and most of riding is done on my own.  So there we go; the silentroadie was born.


2 Responses to Me

  1. Sally says:

    Saw the comment on ST about not selling yourself . . . reads OK to me; you’re being honest and there’s nothing wrong in that. Mine says Still cycling; still bonkers; still rambling on! blunt and to the point, but true 🙂

    Some of my best days cycling have been on my own; lost in my own thoughts; enjoying what’s around me and not having to think about anyone else. ~A great way to spend a few hours doing something I enjoy.

    I like what you’ve written and have added your blog to the list on mine, which should get you a few more readers. Look forward to reading more.

  2. silentroadie says:

    Thanks Sally.

    I like the idea of your bikes page, I guess most people visiting will be interested in cycling and you can’t beat a good nose at peoples bikes.

    When I get a bit of time I’ll take a look at the other blgs you have listed.

    Happy riding.

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