Back to the start

Following a promising start to training, a back injury has set me ‘back’ somewhat. Three weeks ago I tweaked my back which resulted in slight discomfort when reaching up of bending to tie my laces. I’m not entirely sure how I did it but it was slightly after a weights session where I’d been lifting heavier than usual weights (heavier weights/shorter reps) so this was more than likely the culprit. I was still able to train as usual until I’d been for a 3.5hr ride on the Saturday (12th Jan). Around 2hrs into the ride I noticed the pain getting worse, but stupidly carried on as didn’t want to cut short the ride. Once home just bending to put the key in the garage door was a drama in itself and what followed was 11 days of no exercise. The only consolation is the recent weather and I haven’t had to concern myself with venturing out in the snow.

Over the next weekend the pain did start to slightly improve but I impressively cancelled out this progress by pulling my daughter to school on a sledge and then clearing the snow on the path to my front door! I’ve been taking pain killers and got some cream from the Pharmacist which has helped and I did a 45 min turbo session and a 30 min run in the snow with no ill effect. The sitting around seems to make things worse, after being at my desk or at home on the sofa the first few steps are when the pain is really prominent. I’ve read that exercise and activity (providing no pain is experienced) actually helps and I’m therefore taking that approach and easing myself back in gently.

So, as of this week its back to the start of the Base 1 period, here’s hoping I get further than I did last time.


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